Villa Annapolis Subdivision - PRICE LIST

Total Contract Price : Php 634,762

Downpayment : Php 54,762

Less Reservation Fee : Php 5,000

Mothly Equity 12 months : Php 4,146

Monthly Amort. Pag-Ibig 
(30 yrs) Php 3,858 
(25 yrs) Php 4,099  

Only Php 5,000 To Reserve!!!
For As Low As Php 3,858 Monthly


Why Villa Annapolis Subdivision is a Worthwhile investment

Investing in Villa Annapolis Subdivision is the best decision ever. There are a thousand and one reasons why this property should form part of your portfolio if you are a real estate investor. If on the other hand you are looking for a home or community to belong, this an excellent environment for your family to grow in.

The quality and affordability of the homes are unheard of. Haus Plus Ventures Inc. is a veteran property development company and the quality of materials they use are commendable. The way they planned Villa Annapolis Subdivision is superb and their preselling price makes them even a better deal.

The accessibility to the property through the Metro Rail Transit System and the public transportation network adds more value to this property development. Looking at how similar properties appreciate, you can get an idea why this is a good buy.

The houses themselves have a superb finishing. Their exterior walls are painted cement finish, their windows have clear and durable glass, while their bathrooms are constructed using heavy-duty PVC. The amenities in these houses makes them excellent spaces to bring up your family. When you open the doors and come in, you won’t need to do any replacements or upgrades, they are good to go! Just move in and settle down. Enjoy stable water supply and dependable electricity without worrying about the drainage system because it is taken care of by Haus Plus Venture Inc.

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