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When looking for a property, the location is a top priority. However, in addition to this, you have to look at the facilities and amenities present within the development. Villa Annapolis Subdivision was designed with a wide collection of amenities in mind. To give you just a few of the top amenities the development offers:

A Stable Water Supply System

Villa Annapolis Subdivision is under the San Jose Water District. This authority is in charge of ensuring safe and portable water in the city. They have three water treatment plants which ensure all the water going around the city including Villa Annapolis Subdivision is clean and fit for human consumption. There is no water shortage in this development.

Dependable Power Supply

This community development is under Meralco which is the largest power distribution company in Philippines. It covers a total of 36 cities and 75 municipalities including the capital Metro Manila. It has been in service for 114 years and it covers the commercial, industrial, and residential areas. With this, you can be assured that power outages in Villa Annapolis Subdivision is a thing of the past.

Underground Drainage System

Having a development consisting of a thousand units needs a well-developed plan when it comes to drainage. Haus Plus Ventures Inc. didn’t let the community down. They put in place an elaborate underground drainage system which connects to the city sewer system. This ensures a healthy community with no fear of disease outbreaks.

Concrete Paved Roads

Whether you want to take a walk, bike, or just jog around, you won’t come back with muddy soled shoes because Villa Annapolis Subdivision has concrete paved roads. In addition, the aesthetics that come with such roads add a touch of modernity to the community. 

Perimeter Fence and Manned Gates

Security is a top priority in choosing where you stay. Villa Annapolis Subdivision is one of the safest residential areas. Entry and exit into this property is through a 24-hour manned gate where visitors are scanned and requested to indicate the houses they are visiting before being allowed in. This is important because the security challenges of the 21st century cannot just be ignored thereby putting such a community in danger. The perimeter adds to these security controls.

Multipurpose Center

Every community needs a center where people can interact, have meetups, play board and pool games and many other activities. The multipurpose center in Villa Annapolis Subdivision serves this purpose. You don’t need to spend money looking for a meetup joint if you can have your meeting right within the community.

Landscaped Entrances

The beauty of admiring landscaped entrances and spaces brings a sense of tranquility and serenity. This is what you will be seeing on a daily basis at this community development. The landscaping is done by the professionals from Haus Plus Ventures Inc.

  • Gates (entrance & exit)
  • Water System (San Jose Water District)
  • Power Supply (Meralco)
  • Underground Drainage System
  • All Concrete Roads
  • Main Road - 10m Wide
  • Secondary Road – 7m Wide
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Landscaping at Entrance and Rotonda
  • Multi-Purpose Center
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